IB) is allowed to output its switch memory address data received via bus 37 onto switch memory address bus 39, and thus only that particular switch memory within the group bank has its data latch 48 enabled for presentation of switch memory data onto parallel data output bus 30.Confirm the grids are equal Compare the two grid variables for equality using the MATLAB isequal function. isequal(resourceGrid1,resourceGrid2).The selected address of the connect memory outputs its connect memory data on output 37 which is connected to latch 98 of logic block 44.Using subscripted indexing on a 2-D matrix, you can access each element with a set of two elements representing the row and column equivalents.

This comparison is performed by the connect memory data identification module 104 whose output 76 enables the corresponding switch memory read data latch 48 (such as shown in FIG. 6A).The output data is presented on a parallel output bus 30 for each group bank.

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More particularly, space switching was accomplished through an electronic matrix of switches while time switching took advantage of the PCM inherent time division multiplexing by using an electronic time slot interchanger.

Such a bit is actually a flag provided by the external devices to indicate that the parallel bus time slot is unused.The use of PCM coding and digital switches gave rise to space and time switching.coche de slot nm + loc adj: coche de autopista en miniatura nm + loc adj. time slot n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (allocated period of time).Thus the configuration for the distributed parallel time slot interchanger shown in FIG. 2 requires that the connect memories of each group bank be addressed in such a fashion that for any given time slot only one connect memory address output is enabled and capable of addressing its associated switch memory address information.

in deadline time. Reading will encourage your mind and thoughts. Reading matrix analysis calculus loc nguyen is also a way as one of the collective.This address information is not remotely transmitted to the TSI (as is the PCM encoded data) but rather is locally generated by well known circuit techniques based upon the channel time slot information.By multiplexing, only one row of the LED matrix is activated at any one time. This approach is required. (A to D) and four time slots within each scan period.More particularly, FIG. lB illustrates the internal memory configuration of a connect memory.The parallel time slot interchanger incorporates a matrix-type architecture,. A parallel time slot interchanger, particularly for use in telecommuncation.With this architecture, an easily expandable matrix of switch blocks can be implemented using a modular switch block construction so as to be able to configure the overall TSI system to the total number of channels necessary for a particular switch interconnection app ication.The prior art parallel time slot interchanger shown in FIG. 1 is not modular in design insofar as the connect memory 26 for each group bank is separate from the switch memories associated with that group bank.The proposed method estimates a correlation matrix using not only samples received. The proposed system assigns more than one time slots for downlink to each.ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A parallel time slot interchanger, particularly for use in telecommunication switching, comprises a plurality of switch groups, with each.

This function is accomplished by a connect memory group bank write operation.Export Citation BiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan Patent Citations (7), Referenced by (21), Classifications (8), Legal Events (7) External Links.

In order to accomplish this result, the group bank comprises switch memories 24, one such memory in each group bank for each incoming switch group channel.The output argument, symb, is a matrix with four columns, in which each column corresponds to each antenna port.Initialize required parameters Create the parameter structure for normal cyclic prefix, nine downlink resource blocks, and one transmit antenna.

Resource Grid Indexing. subcarriers in the frequency domain and one slot in the time. two-column matrix, the PRB indices refer to each slot.The address lines corresponds to the address of a particular channel and effectively causes that channel of data to be stored in the designated address of the switch memory.

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These limitations have generally been with regard to the speed of operation (that is the length of time necessary to write data into memory and to read data from memory), power requirements for the memory, physical size of the integrated circuit technology, and the number of external electrical interconnections necessary to the memory device(s).Just as the incoming switch group channel data is written into the corresponding switch group switch memories at a repetitive rate, the data read from these switch memories on the (such as 8,000 hertz) parallel output buses 30 for each switch group is also performed on an identical repetitive basis.This equates to a TSI channel cycle period of approximately 122 nanoseconds (125 microseconds divided by 1,024 channels).Mapping reference symbols to the resource grid using subscripted indices would require more finesse.

For such a configuration of 1,024 channels per switch group, each switch group switch memory 24 has at least 1,024 addressable memory locations 31, as shown in FIG. 1A. For a given switch group, the eight bits of PCM data corresponding to each channel is written into one of the switch group memory addressable locations at a rate of 8,000 times per second.Output 94 from this latch then presents the encoded data to the switch memory at the selected address.With each switch block containing its own connect memory and only one switch block per group bank allowed to output the data read from its switch memory during any given channel time slot, a technique has been developed to minimize the number of connect memory write operations required in order to initialize one channel connection.The 26 bit parallel bus represents 10 bits of switch memory addressing and 16 bits of data.Time-Synchronization and Propagation Speed Uncertainties. through linearized matrix equations. the beginning of globally established time slots as in,.The last timed matrix event before the end of the year!Timed. play matrix matches in a short amount of time. In addition, you have four time slots to choose from.Furthermore, the connect memory associated with the switch blocks forming the matrix architecture of the present invention substantially simplifies the processor algorithms necessary to update the connect memory and consequently, the processor through its reduced overhead is able to perform other tasks or allowed to control more subscriber interconnections per unit of time.

Each of the three switch group parallel input buses 28 are time division multiplexed and can carry up to 1,024 channels to the parallel TSI.It should further be noted that each switch group writes data into its corresponding switch group switch memories on a synchronized basis with all the other switch groups.A second technique for making the same type of determination is that each connect memory address location containing switch memory address information also contains a flag bit so that the corresponding control block 44, upon receipt of a switch memory address (time slot) on address bus 38 equal to the address of a connect memory address location, is able to determine if the flag is set or not.It is readily apparent that the use of switch blocks results in a parallel TSI having a matrix configuration.

If the incoming data written to a particular switch memory address is read from that address at the same repetitive basis (but generally not necessarily during the same channel time slot) on a parallel output bus 30, then the subscriber channel written into a particular switch memory address location is transferred to a particular channel for a particular parallel bus switch group output.The columns of the matrix represent inputs separated zEi” 6 12* TIME 13 9 5 1 &J: ‘ 1. time slot permutations on an (L x J) input matrix. 271.Again, each column corresponds to each of the four antenna ports.Create a structure specifying the cell-wide settings as its fields.However only one switch memory read data latch is enabled for each group bank.The data written into the corresponding switch memory location typically is pulse code modulation (PCM) data sampled at an instant of time for a particular subscriber channel.